"House of Hearts" is a personal project, envisioning a princess on an otherworldly quest to find the true definition of love in an attempt to repair her parents' marriage, to restore her kingdom, and to win the hearts of her people. All the while, she tries to figure out what's ailing her own heart.

She acquires a legendary sword called The Valiant. With the help of allies, she learns to vanquish the darkness engulfing people's spirits.

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"House of Hearts"

Personal Project

Opening Voice-Over

Whimsical Platformer, RPG, Turn-Based Mechanics
Female Protagonist

Narrator (V.O.)

A kind-hearted princess 
Born to a king and queen
Their union loveless
Bode misery unseen

On her sixteenth birthday
Her highness forced to marry
Refused to see the day
Her parents grew weary

The other kingdoms restless
All princes in waiting
Spades, Clovers, Diamonds
Asked why Hearts wasn't playing

Hollow, her heart
Blank, her stare
"No tricks up her sleeve"
Said the doctor taking care

That night, she slept
And woke up instead
In a cold harsh world, she wept
Her heart desperate for repairs


Copyright © 2015 Linda M.C. Nguyen

There are only a few playable female characters in each kingdom in Dynasty Warriors, a series of games by Koei, thus I created an additional fictional warrior. These hack-n-slash games are based on the historical novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, my favourite Chinese epic.

(No copyright infringement intended.)


Fantasy Character for Dynasty Warriors

Sun Lan of Wu

As the youngest in the Sun family, her mother couldn't bear giving another daughter away in marriage to maintain peace in the Southern Lands, so she faked her daughter's death and hid her away. A mentor raised her, and despite convention, she learned The Art of War.

Sun Lan matured into a beautiful woman with boyish tendencies, proficient in both archery and swordplay, much like her sister Sun Shang Xiang, in addition to learning The Art of Disguise. Presumed dead for years and unable to return home, she pretended to be a soldier in Wu's army and climbed military ranks. With her small figure, she proved to be the best scout and the ideal spy. Her ultimate goal: to learn of her sister's whereabouts following her arranged marriage to Lui Bei, and to help defend the Southern Lands with her brother Sun Quan, the Marquis of Wu.

Primary Weapon
Precise Fire Bow

Secondary Weapon
Flickering Reality Sword

Battle Lines:
"I see an opening. Hit them where it hurts!"
"Love it when they run."
"My arrows always hit the mark."

Defeating Enemy General/Lieutenant:
"She shoots, she scores."

Engage Enemy/Take Guard Post:
"You got it, and we'll all be home for dinner."

Stand Guard:
"If the enemy comes near, time for target practice."

Use Skill:
"One disguise. Coming right up!"

"Oh shoot."

Low HP:
"Okay, I'll admit it: I need help."

"I'm sorry... brother."

Copyright © 2015 Linda M.C. Nguyen

Story Description: A high school girl learns of her immigrant father's unequal treatment at work and how he believes the only way out is with higher education.

Only published on Every Day Fiction, September 1st, 2014 (Labour Day).


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I co-wrote a short film which was in production in June 2014. More information to come.

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Story Description: Going to prom with a handsome date at a fancy French hotel seems too good to be true, but the fairy tale ends before midnight.

Only published at the Young Adult Review Network (Y.A.R.N.), since June 2nd, 2014.


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Scenario Background: It's 2048. A detective (the player) collects intel from a feisty call girl (Auburn, NPC) about the latest underground mood-enhancing implants.

(Personal Project)

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- Treatment -
(Personal Project, Treatment for Pilot Episode, TV Drama)

A new airborne virus called DN47 targets human genes, causing people to die at the age of 30. Mr. EDGAR SPENCE watches the breaking news on the TV in the staff room of Gardenview Elementary on a sunny morning. The news anchor falls off her chair. The screen becomes blank with a generic CTV station message. Edgar’s eyebrows knit together in confusion. He leans over to HARVEY FERGUSSON, the science teacher, and asks about the validity of the virus. Harvey is short of breath and collapses on the floor. He was 32. Edgar’s cellphone is dead. He runs to the secretary’s office for a phone. The two secretaries are out cold. One was 48. The other 35. The principle’s forehead is flat on his desk. Edgar checks for a pulse. He’s gone too. 45. Out in the hall, the handle of a mop hits the floor. The janitor is flat on his back with his head hitting the door of the girls’ bathroom. 56. His mini yellow radio is still on, tuned to Montreal’s CJAD with news about the virus.

            Cars and school buses screech to a halt in front of the school. The fire hydrant shoots water up like a geyser. Car alarms are blaring. Children and young parents are rampant with emotions. A few adults try to save those who are lifeless in cars and on the streets. MARNIE SULLIVAN, 6, cries and yells for her grade 1 teacher, Mr. Edgar, to help wake her mom up at the driver’s seat of her car. Her mom’s dead. 35.

            TAYLOR SPENCE, 22, leaves his house with a knapsack and a laptop under his arm. His mother waves goodbye at the front door. Taylor starts his car in the driveway. His mom collapses, dropping her newspaper and morning tea, shattering the teacup. Taylor reaches over to his mom and calls out to her. He dials 911 on his cellphone. An automated voice says they’re at overcapacity. He dials Edgar’s number, his brother. His call goes straight to voicemail. Taylor reads the headline of the dropped newspaper.

            6 teachers and the youngest phys. ed. teacher gather the kids in the cafeteria. Miss JULIE LATENDRESSE is weeping with two children in her arms. The grade 5 and 6 students are huddled at the far end of the cafeteria, comforting each other. Some students cry while others are happy they no longer have parents. Edgar and the surviving parents help the wounded from car accidents into the school gym. The two first aid kits are empty, all of their contents used within the minute. Embarrassed, Edgar rushes to the parking lot and brings into the gym his case of 12 Beck’s beer bottles. It’s all he has for alcohol. He pops the lid off of a bottle and takes a long swig. No one knows what to do. The remaining adults use whatever they have to calm the children and treat the injured. As for the dead, it’s no use hiding the bodies from the kids. There are too many of them.

            A city police van drives by and dumps about a hundred empty body bags at the school’s entrance. Edgar is at a loss. Marnie tugs at Edgar’s sleeve for comfort. The young teachers and parents help the students at school to find relatives they can stay at. Some surviving parents take in their children’s friends. The cafeteria is turned into a shelter and crisis center by the end of the day. Half of the injured people in the gym have light wounds or are able to walk. They go home. Edgar and other teachers convert half the gym into a temporary morgue. The teachers and some parents agree to take shifts to watch over the kids in the cafeteria and to take care of the wounded.

            It’s 11pm. Marnie has no place to go. Edgar drives home with Marnie in the backseat. In his apartment, he gives her a pillow and a blanket to sleep on the couch, but she can’t sleep. She turns on his TV. Edgar listens to his voice messages in his home office and learns that his mother is dead. He looks over to Marnie and dries his eyes. Marnie didn’t see. Edgar makes Kraft Dinner for her.  He takes a cold shower, removing all sweat, dirt and foreign blood from his skin. He rests his forehead against the tiles, sobbing. He walks out of his bathroom with a towel around his waist out of habit, but realizes Marnie’s in his living room. He slips into pajama pants and a white shirt. Marnie’s asleep. He closes the TV and tucks Marnie in.

He goes to bed and checks his calendar app on his phone. He’s turning 30 in two weeks.


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Story Background: In the near future, a sniper (Roy) compromises his mission when confronted by a prototype of a mass-produced android (Lucy) who embodies the appearance and memories of his high school crush. Lucy thinks she's completely human.

Iron Heart
(Personal Project)

Roy escapes with Lucy, driving her away from the lab that was detaining her. 

Note: Script made in Excel, based off of "Iron Heart" screenplay, a personal project.

Copyright © 2015 Linda M.C. Nguyen
Logline: A genius teenage architect runs away from the C.I.A. and her abusive father when she takes dirty money and private jobs to live in luxury.

The Architect
(Freelance Work)
(Teaser of Scripted 1-Hour TV Drama)



Dry grasslands. A trailer park. Three WINDMILLS, one of them STAGNANT. The non-moving WINDWHEEL encompasses the silhouette of a teenage girl --

MACY ANDERSON (15) is 30 feet off the ground, oiling a new windmill. She's a subdued badass in a grease-streaked white shirt and cut-off jeans. A dark strand of hair is caught between her lips. She tucks it behind her ear. What a drag.


KIRK ANDERSON (37) is Macy’s dad, a ruggedly handsome blond redneck 30 yards away from Macy. He aims his RIFLE at an apprehensive RABBIT. It hops away behind a bush.

          Smart little bugger.

Out comes MRS. COURSER (85) from her TRAILER in a NIGHT ROBE.

                     MRS. COURSER
          You have some nerve standing there
          with a gun.

          I own the land you're on. I can
          stand wherever I want.

                     MRS. COURSER
          You should be up there building the
          new windmill. Not your daughter.


The windwheel is now SPINNING. Kirk yells at Macy from below.

          Hey! Someone thinks you can't do
          anything! That I should drag my ass
          up there and make it happen!

Macy narrows her gaze. She jams the windmill's CRANKSHAFT with a WRENCH. The windwheel stops spinning. She slides down one side of the ladder with a ROPE AND PULLEY SYSTEM, efficient but angered, landing next to a mountain of wood.


                     MRS. COURSER

          Maybe I have the nerve to shut you

                     MRS. COURSER
          Nothing scares me, not even death.

          "I" scare you, but it's okay to be
          afraid. Fear is good.

Mrs. Courser isn't listening. Kirk follows her gaze to see Macy passing by. He glances up to the windmill.

          Macy! The windmill ain't working!

          You said I can't do anything.

Macy drops her TOOL BELT next to Kirk, marching past him towards the ANDERSON'S TRAILER.

          Fix it right now or I'll rip your
          precious arms out!

          Then who's gonna build your
          precious shit?

Macy SLAMS the TRAILER DOOR behind her.


He spits on the ground. Behind him, the WINDWHEEL FALLS OFF AND CRASHES.

                     KIRK (CONT'D)



Copyright © 2015 Linda M.C. Nguyen

For the full 1-hour script, send an email to: linda_nguyen(at)hotmail.co.uk 

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Story Description: Unable to settle their differences, a family cracks and splinters in their living room.

"If I was responsible for keeping my younger siblings and my parents in harmony with each other, ensuring that everyone maintained their orbit as to not collide with one another, then I wasn't doing such a good job."

Only published in Halcyon Days and Cyanide Nights, a short story anthology by Tranquillity Publishing, based in the U.K. (2014). ISBN: 9780957522121

Available in print at:

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